26 September 2013 @ 12:16 pm

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24 December 2011 @ 10:52 pm
free for all: open rp post.

      ❧ comment with one or more of your muses. it can be empty, contain a scenario, or a prompt for a scenario (image, lyric, quote, etc). for the best way to get something that isn't complete bullshit, please either leave a scenario yourself or an image (i work best with images, but can make do with lyrics).

      ❧ in the subject line, request one of the muses that you would like me to tag you with. no one is off limits. if you know i play someone who i haven't listed, feel fee to request them. however, i cannot guarantee you will get exactly who you choose (especially if they're inactive/a character i don't play a lot.) even if they have a post in this community, i don't mind doing anything with anyone.

      ❧ if you want a specific style, action or prose, please let me know. default is action spam.

      ❧ rp with me so we can psl and i can eat your soul. ♥ i would love to turn these into personal storylines.

      ❧ you can also use this as a space to write with characters that do not have an inbox post. this is primarily what this post is for. permanent open rp post.