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[ Sam looks at him funny ever since the vamps and Jody. He knows Dean is changing. Dean knows he's changing. He figured it out when he went Liam Neeson on Gadreel's ass after accusing Sam of wanting to do it. Dean thought he had better control of himself, but things are changing. Dean hasn't been the same since he picked up that blade and was told to put it down again. Knowing Crowley has it is driving Dean nuts. He wants it back. Maybe that's why he can't stop looking for her. She's out there. She's mocking him. He knows that if he finds her then Crowley gives up the blade. Crowley gives it to Dean and that rumbling that's been brewing in Dean quiets down. Everything becomes clear and he understands his purpose. He understands all of it.

She lures him in. She pulls him close and Dean goes willingly because it's one step closer to getting what he wants. The blade. Sam's on a case three states over and Dean walks right into this little trap. He doesn't even care. He knows it's gonna hurt. He knows that she's gonna try to kill him, but he doesn't think she's that stupid. She wants the blade just like him. Except she wants to stop them from using it on her. She knows it's her only weakness. She knows that keeping it close to her would be smart. Killing Dean though when she knows Crowley will only give it up to him is just stupid. Abaddon isn't stupid. She wants him here for another reason.

Killing the demons is easy. He's got the knife and machete that'll take their heads clean off. By this point Dean has blood splattered across his face. Dark and sticky. He grips the knife tight and watches her. She's holding the last one up for him. She's making it easy. Dean moves forward and for a minute it's like he's gonna gank her. Instead the blade slides into the gut of the demon and Dean twists it. He pushes it in more and his face is very close to hers once the demon drops to the ground with a sizzle and a pop. ]
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