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( cora hale | teen wolf )

  • PREFERENCE: season 3 and aus.
  • SHIPS: stiles/cora, isaac/cora, cross-canon.
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serious question: what are your feelings about pizza?
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no. i mean. you can if you want?
is this a trick question?
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because i want pizza and if you like pizza we should get said pizza. simultaneously.
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sit at the parlor.
i'm asking you to get lunch with me, how is this not clear?

[ they are both bad at this game. ]
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easier said than done.
wait, is that a yes?

[ he gets the second text and basically barrels out of the house after a bit of a double take. this was not the response he was expecting. he might get there embarrassingly waaay before she does too. ]
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good so am i :3c yay awkward teen fluff

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[ excessive nervous speeding will do that to you. except he's got most of it out of his system ( most, not all ) by the time cora shows up. he's hunched over the table with his phone out and his soda close enough for him to sip through the straw without having to move.

his head turns to the door the second it opens ( and has for ever other person that walked in ) and he's smiling with a wave before she's even crossed the threshold. ]

No, just like, ten, fifteen—nineteen minutes. [ awkward considering she's technically closer to this place. ]
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Here take this and chuckle more.

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Shhh just let it out.

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[ Having wolves so different from them around has been pretty interesting, even if the Hales amongst them spend most of their time in the typical Forks weather scowling at the air around them. Jacob finds it fairly entertaining, after the introductions are doled out and they're welcomed into their territory for a stay that involves a lot of mutual learning. Their partial shifts are weird looking and at first he thinks they're kind of ridiculous, but at the end of the day they'd still be pretty useful and it's sort of fascinating to learn the differences between them. Their pack dynamics seem pretty similar, to a degree, though.

But the one thing he takes the most interest in is a person, and seeing how often he can make her crack a smile instead of perpetually frowning. Cora is smaller than Leah, but he's pretty sure she's about as fierce and maybe twice as tenacious. He's probably playing with fire in this regard, but it's just easy to poke fun at her, until she finally either humors him or snaps. And while he doesn't know which one he likes more, he does really enjoy the fact that she's not one to bullshit, and that she's not in the least bit humbled by the fact that he's an alpha or twice her size.

Her room is a familiar place by this point, just as familiar is she is, and at the moment he's distracted by the lights above them. Honestly, Jacob likes them; they're bright in a way that Forks rarely ever is, like the Beacon Hills that he gets her to talk about with enough pestering. While he's used to his dreary Washington home, he grew up with it and hasn't really known anything else but cloudy skies and rocky cliffs. A part of him would like to see if he can take his pack to California for a while, to see the place he only knows from stories. Mostly, he just wants to see what Cora used to call her home, before things changed for the worst. Details aren't ever really shared, but he notices the way she stops talking about certain things, shuts them down and moves onto something else or just gets up and leaves.

So far into his thoughts, drifting from the girl he can feel moving next to him to what he can show her about Forks to prove it's not all dreary monotone and boredom to her again, he doesn't realize why she's moving until he's whacked with a pillow.

It makes him jolt upright a little and onto his elbows, spluttering surprise.
] What was that for?
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Yeah that's definitely it. ❤

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[ Jacob scrunches his face at her, though it's obvious that he's hardly annoyed by the sudden assault. He is caught off guard, though, and watches her warily as she sits their with her pillow. ]


[ He honestly expects to be hit again, and he should probably assess the fact that he's fine with it. This is another pack's wolf, just casually hitting him with things. It's not exactly the first time she's done it, either, but he sort of brings those moments upon himself more than anything else. He knows her well enough to know which buttons he can press to get her riled up, even if it's in play. But he also knows her quiet moments, knows that he can reach out to a part of her past just by brushing his muzzle against her hand when he's shifted, big as a bear and bright as amber. Sometimes, he wishes he could offer something more than sanctuary in Forks, than the attempts to help them figure out that form that their mother once had. But he doesn't know what, so he just focuses on trying to brighten Cora's day, somehow. ]

I'm not even doing anything! [ Much as he protests, it's contradicted by the crooked smile he gives her. ] What, miss me talking your ear off?
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Ugh! [ Jacob doesn't hesitate to mimic her expression, but it's only for a split second before he's laughing at her again.

Sometimes, he knows that he's an escape for her. But it's not in the same way that Bella had treated him at one point, so he's more all right with it. He knows things from both of the Hale siblings, enough to piece together that life had been rough and things had once been better, nearly a decade ago. Derek doesn't talk to him as much as Cora does, at least not in the same way, but he can tell that he's slowly easing up on that refined wall that both of them keep up around themselves. It's a lot higher than Cora's, and harder to infiltrate, but sometimes he'll catch Derek sitting on his phone and just texting somebody, and he's barely known him for very long but he finds it to be the most surreal image. So he figures someone's made their way in, somehow, and he focuses on weakening and climbing the one that the younger sister has set up.

And maybe she's a bit of an escape for him, too, but really all he wants is to get that amusement out to the surface. From what little he knows, what little she'll tell him that dips into darker memories, he thinks she deserves a bit of happiness. Even if she's laughing at him doing dumb things, like narrating every little thing she does or making fun of her scowling faces or getting her to join him in poking fun of people (even if they can hear them at their lowest whisper, and will wind up glaring at them). If anything, he just likes to hear her laugh.

Pursing his lips in response to the pillow bapping him in the arm, he reaches out to snag an opposite corner of it from hers.
] Maybe I'm giving you that peace and quiet you keep asking me to give you. What about that, huh?
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[ There's some kind of delight in getting Cora to roll her eyes at him, and Jacob just grins like a damn sunbeam at her in response, instead of being bothered by it.

There's an oldness to the wolves in Forks, but at the same time they're not world weary. Looking at Derek, looking at Cora, they're world weary. His pack is old like wood, like the forest that surrounds their home, living and growing. The Hales are old like ruins, aging and crumbling and needing rebuilt. And maybe that's why they're in Forks, why they're on their quest for information and old family secrets that are tucked away in their cross-country quest. Together they're a foundation, but there are so many setbacks that keep them from rising as they should.

But at the same time, he doesn't seem them as the ruins that they make themselves out to be. They're just them. Cora's brother can be funny, and he's actually pretty nice despite the gruff exterior displays. In the same vein, Cora's sarcastic bite hides softness that he weasels out of her. They're just made of complex layers, and he likes them as they are. He'd just like it if they were happier.

Like it if Cora was happier.

Shifting to sit up a little more, he curls in towards her as she leans in, fingers secured loosely around the pillow. There are others he can use for weaponry, if he really wants to, but right now he's mostly just focusing on her, eyes scanning her face as she narrows her eyes at him. Much as she scowls at him, he's used to this.
] Why not?
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I hate you too ❤

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[ Fingers flexing in the bed where he supports his weight, he tilts his head the slightest bit towards her and feels his expression softening. Cora doesn't like not having answers, and he's figured that much out in their time together. Which means that he will absolutely tease her before he actually answers, or shows her, drawing it out and making it worth asking. Because damn, is she proud, too.

It's fun, doing this. The rough edges don't quite disappear, but the the darkness fades and gives way to something brighter. Shaped as she is by her past, Cora is more than it and Jacob knows it. All it is is just a matter of finding it, pushing as much as she pushes at him and seeing what will happen. But sometimes, he stops pushing and just lets her release, and the fact that she can do that at all with him just warms something in his chest.

This is drastically different from what he's dealt with, before, and it's refreshing. Much as he acts bright, upbeat and friendly, he can remember moments where he could certainly fit in with their guests. But not everything is about darker times, and he'll remember that every time it starts to loom over him. It's impossible to always be bright, but at least he knows his way out of it, and can help people stuck similarly.

He gives a faint tug to the pillow, grip firm in that moment before relaxing again. Teasing, waiting to see what she does with the pillow.

It finally sunk in? [ A faint chuckle leaves him. What comes out next is definitely a joke: ] It's good quiet time weather?
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[ Comparing Jacob to a mountain is a fairly apt description, and not just in size or patience; he doesn't bend, he doesn't break, and he can take practically everything thrown at him. But he can also be just as dangerous as one, a crushing force of nature, and if he wanted to it would be easy to to take Cora's action and turn it against her, break her like the other alphas had fought to.

But he opens his hands to her instead of clenching them into fists. It's not to coddle her or protect her from anything, not when she's seen her fair share of hardships already, but rather to give her somewhere to go when she doesn't want to think of those hardships. And even if she finds herself stuck in the past, he's already decided that he'll weasel his way into those dark corners to pull her back out again.

No? [ Even when she doesn't roll her eyes at him, Jacob can see the impulse there. Or at least the urge to make some kind of face at him, besides the scowl she's trying to make real. He'll keep prodding until it's wavered, soft around the edges. Even the smallest quirk is like gold, considering how rarely he gives them up, and he's maybe a little addicted to getting them now. ]

Hey-- [ Well, he's not surprised she snatches the pillow away from his grip, though he could put up a greater fight. Instead he just laughs and tips his head towards her, brows raising even as the corners of his eyes pinch with a smile. ] No matter how many times you tell me to shut up?
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[ There's no denying that Cora is all action, even when stationary. It's like she's thrumming with the energy beneath her skin. And Jacob's not oblivious to it, or her need for action even when they're at ease like this. But he's also not oblivious to the fact that she's let go around him, found somewhere to channel all that energy, which is a stark contrast to how she was back when she and her brother first arrived in Forks.

So he encourages that release, hoping to help her and to maybe make things easier for her while she's here. Because he knows, eventually, that the Hales are going to leave this place on their continuing quest and their escape from Beacon Hills. Maybe they'll come back sometime, but he's going to hold onto this while he still can, and this thing that he and Cora have.

Hell if he knows what to describe it as, but he looks forward to it every day by this point. Cora might liken herself to a cloud, raining on his sunny parade, but he likes the grumpy cloud of a girl. She's his grumpy cloud, and if he can brighten her a little then he'll do what he can to get there.

Oh come on-- [ She keeps hitting him, and he decides he's had enough of it without retribution. Reaching to snag one of her other pillows, he swings it around to hit her back, baring his teeth in a mock-snarl, all-smile. ]
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