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[The storm clouds that roll into Mystic Falls one summer's day probably aren't too surprising. Summer storms are common and they can pop up before the local meteorologists can detect them. But this one isn't a result of warm and cool air colliding or anything like that. It's due to one very special girl who's come to town on the trail of her troublemaker cousin.

Ridley told Lena about this place. That it's a pocket of Dark magic with creatures unlike what they're used to. She wouldn't elaborate on that and only gave Lena a knowing smile. And now that Lena's here, she can sense it. There's magic in the air here. But there's a strangeness to it. It doesn't feel like something a Caster would produce, which makes her wonder if Ridley is even here. Parking her uncle's car -- a black hearse because he enjoys being morbid -- outside a local bar and grille, she heads inside to look around. If Ridley is here, then she'll be at the center of a group of men who are fawning over her because she's put a Siren's Cast on them to make them do whatever she wants.]